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Vietnam visa types

Based on each criterion below, there are some specific types of Vietnam visa.

1. Address to apply and issue the visa
Vietnam visa at the nearest Vietnam Embassy or Consulate: It is the good way for those living near the embassy/consulate and having flexible time to go there twice times in working hours to apply and to get the visa.

Vietnam visa on arrival: Just by a computer connected internet, you can apply visa on arrival from the visa service providers. You will get visa stamped upon the arrival airport in Vietnam. This way suits best with those are too busy and the time to go Vietnam is unplanned and urgent.

2. Duration of stay
Currently, there are two options:1 month and 3 months visa. 6 months visa is no longer available. Kindly choose the visa which covers your longest stay in Vietnam. In case you want to stay longer than 3 months, you can extend it during staying in Vietnam.

3. Purpose of visit
There are two main types: tourism and business. The tourism visa is granted for 1 month only while the businessman is permitted to get 3 months visa. But the applicants are not asked to show the relevant document to show the real purpose of the trip when applying visa. Therefore, you can absolutely apply 3 months business visa for your trip in Vietnam if it lasts more than 1 month.

4. Place of entry
Only visa is issued at Vietnam embassy/consulate is valid in all borders, including land border, sea border or air. And visa on arrival is for those travelling by air only. If you go to Vietnam by sea or by land, you should contact with authorized agencies to support you.

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